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Whether you are looking for basic or in-depth help with your content, Eagle Eye tailors its services to meet your needs.

Do you have an idea for a publication but don’t know how to proceed? Do you need help writing it? Or perhaps you have written it but need help fixing up the text—either in-depth for content or more generally the turn of the words, phrases and sentences. Or perhaps you think it is ready to be released to the great wide world, but you just want someone to check that there aren’t any typos or other mistakes that could harm your or your company’s brand and reputation.

Whether you are looking for help writing or polishing a text, or even translating it, Eagle Eye provides the services you need. Our expertise ranges from the high-level view all the way down to the concise blurb and everything in between.


We specialize in communications services in English—British, American and international—and in French, particularly for non-native speakers.


You provide the idea, we develop the content.

  • Writing original texts, including reports, articles and blog posts
  • Rewriting texts from other authors who are not of English mother tongue
  • Content development


You can be confident that your text is well structured and organized, coherent, logical, adapted to your readers and publishable, thanks to the editing work that we do.

  • Substantive editing, including rewriting of text where appropriate, along with all aspects of general editing
  • Copy-editing, including correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation and checking content for consistency and factual errors, and content verification, and all aspects of proofreading
  • General editing, including substance review, and all aspects of copy-editing


Put an end to errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and layout. You receive a polished document that is ready to be consumed through whatever publication channel (paper, electronic…).

  • Checking for typos and grammatical errors
  • Verifying pagination, layout, hyperlinks, notes and bibliographies


Reach varied audiences through content in French and English.

  • Websites
  • Blog posts
  • Books
  • Reports
  • Magazine and newspaper articles
  • Content in any other format


Don’t worry anymore about the nitty-gritty aspects of pulling a publication together. We handle all aspects, from the formulation of the content through its writing, editing, design, publication and even distribution.

  • Concept and design
  • Managing the process, including with in-house content providers, writers, editors, proofreaders, graphic artists and printers
  • Distribution


In addition, Eagle Eye can provide photos and images on an ad hoc basis, and even photograph your events


African Development Bank Group

Writing, editing and translation of a brochure and PowerPoint slides for the Special Envoy on Gender on the institution’s gender strategy.



Translation and editing of client websites


De Grisogono

Editing and translation of press releases and public relations materials


Graduate Institute

Editing of English-language articles for Globe, the Institute’s magazine


GSM Association

Writing, editing and creation of briefing papers and c-suite summaries


Intergovernmental agencies

Writing, editing and proofreading of reports on a variety of subjects, including ageing, employment, the Arab world, and trade export


Materials with Novel Electronic Properties/University of Geneva

Editing and translation services


Pictet Architecte

Translating building specifications


Société suisse de management de projet

Editing and translation of conference packages and information



Writing, translation and editing of the blog on space, science and society; also works on communications and publications for individual consulting mandates



Editing, translation and proofreading of reports and communications materials on job creation and the economic development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in a sustainable manner; translation of articles; editing of annual reports


World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Writing, editing and proofreading of various publications


World Economic Forum

Editing and proofreading of various publications; management and editing of participants booklets and profiles; database editing services.


Focused writing, editing and translation services in English and French.

Danielle Carpenter is at the head of Eagle Eye. She has 20 years’ experience in all aspects of publishing, from content development, writing and editing to translation, printing and distribution and general publications project management.

The Eagle Eye team also comprises accounting/administrative support and editorial service providers. Team members work with an extensive network of writers, translators, designers and printers.

+41 79 390 57 15